Exploring sound through forms


  • Sound Lathe, Owl Project, 2005. At Terra exhibition, Jerwood Space, London, 2011. Photo: Tomas Rydin.
  • Left: Scanner live at Winter Garden, New York, 2009 Photo: LHG. Right: Ismini Samanidou weaving Timeline at Oriole Mill, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 2013. Photo: Bethanne Knudson.
  • Cathy Lane recording in Iceland, 2004.
    Photo: Cathy Greenhalgh.
  • Left: Dominic Wilcox in his studio, 2012. Photo: Joe Mcgorty.
    Right: Yuri Suzuki performing with Prepared Turntable, 2008.
    Photo: Toru Nagahama.
  • Lucie Rie vs Grindcore Performance, Keith Harrison, 2012.
    Photo: Anthony Quinn.
  • Max Eastley performing at Raven Row, London, 2011.
    Photo: Eva Hertzog.
  • Studio Weave and Ecology of Colour, Dartford, Kent, 2012.
    Photo: Studio Weave.

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